Cloud Software Engineering

Taking it to the cloud

In the competitive software market, all companies are struggling with the a similar challenge: how to create an organization that can quickly adopt new technology while responding to immediate market needs and new competitive threats.

The transition to becoming that kind of operation is no easy task. You’ll need people that know the cloud inside-out. People who can empower other colleagues trying to cope with such transformation and people who can make rapid decisions. Cloud is a mindset, it requires change and change is difficult.

to help you…

We have gathered content, tools and models that will guide you on your journey to the cloud. We help you answer questions such as:

  • What are micro-services?

  • What is a cloud provider?

  • How do you release new software with zero-downtime?

  • How do you scale software solutions based on user-load?

  • How to maintain and secure a cloud operation 24/7?

  • And most importantly… How do you apply all this to an epic RC-car?

Software development in the cloud differs greatly from the standard client-server model. Understanding its implications and being able to reason based on micro-service models and architecture comes with time. Until then, our people are here to support you on your journey to the cloud.