Continuous Delivery 3.0 Maturity Model

In collaboration with Utrecht University and NISI, Search4Solutions has developed a the Continuous Delivery 3.0 Maturity model. A scientifically covered framework that will help you decide:

  • Where you stand today?

  • What you can improve?

  • How you can reach those goals.

Use this model to guide you through your Continuous Delivery 3.0 transition and discover what actions and deliver short-term gains.

The model covers the 5 sub-modules of Continuous Delivery and organizes those based maturity.

  • Continuous Integration

  • Continuous Testing

  • Continuous Deployment

  • Continuous Intelligence

  • Continuous Planning

Not sure how Continuous Delivery can help your organisation grow and speed up your software development cycle. Check out this article on “How to improve software development efficiency using Continuous Delivery 3.0”.

Continuous Delivery 3.0 Maturity Model.png