In the competitive software market, increasing output to your customers by minimizing development time, has never been more important. Manual testing is tedious work and every new manual test cycle is a waste of time. Earn time, by adding test-automation frameworks to your development stack.

Your instant reaction might be…

There is simply no time and budget for implementing test-automation.

Over time, this mindset will result in huge technical debt, which may be impossible to overcome. It is best to implement the best practices in an agile manner, awarding your organization value after every cheap and short iteration.

In our experience…

Starting with test-automation sparks an unstoppable enthusiasm, that leads to even more innovation.

In short, the benefits of automated testing.

  • More stable and reliable software

  • Less manual work means more time for development.

  • Shorten the feedback loop for detecting defects in your application.

  • Measure/screen your application and act accordingly.


Test-Automation & Continuous-Delivery 3.0



After the Continuous Integration phase, your new build including new features is well prepared and ready for automated testing.

In an ideal scenario, your testings environment is an exact copy of your production environment. This can be achieved through Docker.

In that case, if your tests cover all code and all tests are successful, you are guaranteed a bug-less new build.

Congratulations, you can now automatically deploy your new features!

Every software-stack requires a different approach. In need of guidance and interest in avoiding common mistakes we have observed ourselves?